Fly fishers from across North America and around the World are invited to submit applications for attending this prestigious, international loch-style fly fishing championship. Members of the Canadian, British, and U.S.A. National Fly Fishing Teams, and competitors from Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America will be on hand to compete for the team and individual titles, medals, and the highly-coveted NALSFFC Cup.

  Date: September 23 - 29, 2018.
  Competition Venues: Tunkwa Lake West, Tunkwa Lake East, Corbett Lake, Batstone Lake, and Roche Lake.
  Championship Headquarters: Tunkwa Lake Resort - near the town of Logan Lake, British Columbia (45 minutes from Kamloops).
  Number of Competition Sessions: Five, 3-hour sessions of loch-style fishing.

  Entry fee: $320.00 per person (proceeds donated to B.C. Children's Hospital).
  Entry fees include: Entry fees include a lunch on all 3 competition days and a dinner at the Awards Banquet and Closing Ceremonies.
  Awards: Medals will be awarded to the top three teams and individuals, and The Cup goes to the top team.
  Competition Rules: FIPS-MOUCHE rules applies.
  Single fly only angling regulation applies to all venues as well as the public and privately owned waters.
  Eligible species: Rainbow Trout.
  Minimum length: 18cm.
  Maximum number of teams (and competitors): 12 five-person teams (60 competitors).
  Registration: Competitors can register as teams or will be assigned to a team if they choose to register as an individual. Registration is based on a first-come-first-served for teams that comply with the registration requirements (see Registration page for details on the registration requirements and rules).
  Maximum Number of Participants: 60 competitors (12 five-man teams - with 6 spots reserved for international teams).
   No fishing policy: There will be a no-fishing policy in effect for all competition venues, which comes into effect at 6:00am on September 4, 2018. All competitors and their agents and associates are not allowed to fish the competition venues during this period of time.
  All competitors and their agents are not allowed to fish the competition venues during these periods of time.

Entry fee: $320.00 per person, which includes boat rental and private resort access fees, lunches on all 3 days of the competition, and dinner at the opening and closing ceremonies.

LIST OF REGISTERED TEAMS (Registration is not official until payment has been received)

 1 - Team Cormorant (2017 Gold Medal Team):
Todd Oishi - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
John Nishi - Millarville, Alberta
Chris Puchniak - Surrey, British Columbia
Rob Stroud - Prince George, British Columbia
Mike Oishi - Barriere, British Columbia

  2 - Team King Fisher White
Kevin Cucheron - Calgary, Alberta
Mike Learmonth - Surrey, British Columbia
Brian Danilkiewicz - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Gerald Wolfe - Squamish, British Columbia
Johnny Wilkinson - Abbotsford, British Columbia

 3 - Team King Fisher Blue
Bobby Danilkiewicz - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Mackenzie Harmston - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Evan Paterson - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Callum Learmonth - Surrey, British Columbia
Darryl Fisher - Kamloops, British Columbia

 4 - Team Trout Bums (2017 Bronze Medal Team)
David Heine - Victoria, British Columbia
Colette Stroud - Prince George, British Columbia
Peter Morrison - Fernie, British Columbia
Austin Schroeder - Kamloops, British Columbia
Richard Wilby - Kelowna, British Columbia

 5 - Team Shadow
Stanton Jack - Vancouver, British Columbia
Istvan Kereszturi - Burnaby, British Columbia
Brian Haminishi - Richmond, British Columbia
Madoka Myers - Denver, Colorado
Aggie Fritz - Abbotsford, British Columbia

 6 - Team Motley Crew
Jason Doucette - Edmonton, Alberta
Jay Giasson - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Paul Davidson - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Taylor Culver - Kamloops, British Columbia
Jordan Viveiros - Maple Ridge, British Columbia

 7 - Team Freestone ( U.S. Regional Team / 2017 Silver Medal Team)
Sean Crocker, Pennsylvania
Loren Williams, New York
Steve Good, Pennsylvania
Andy Koons, Pennsylvania
Ken Crane, New York

 8 - Team USA Youth (U.S. National Fly Fishing Team)
Kalvin Kaloz, Pennsylvania - Captain
Holden Price, Pennsylvania
Joey Pattee, Bend, Oregon,
Ben Broscius, Pennsylvania
Ben Comfort, South Carolina

 9 - Team Master Nymph (U.S./Canadian Team)
Ryan Peck - North Carolina
Anders Korman - Bend, Oregon
Isaac Korman - Bend, Oregon
Kage Kossler - Bend, Oregon
Geoff Leclair - Kamloops, British Columbia

10 - Team Bent Rods
Erik Korman - Bend, Oregon
Jason Ellingsen - Surrey, British Columbia
Micah Thorson - Mission, British Columbia
Slate Spooner - Calgary, Alberta
Mike Morris - Coquitlam, British Columbia

 Please note that registration is accepted on a first come, first served basis with 6 spots being reserved for international teams.
 Registration fees are due by July 30, 2018. A team's registration is not official until payment has been received. Registration fees are nonrefundable after July 31, 2018..

 Please contact Todd Oishi at toishis@gmail.com to register your team or yourself as an individual.
Contact Todd Oishi to submit your registration: info@innovativeflyfisher.com
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